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Axle Drums – Bear the weight of the door and help the door ascend and descend. Robotically welded to axle to ensure smooth operation. Exposed axle ends and springs are painted to protect against rusting.

Curtain Panels - The individual horizontal segments on the face of the door that are hydraulically pressed together to form a crimped offset interlock to prevent panel separation during repeated use.

Door Bottom - Made of anodized aluminum for resistance to weather and corrosion and reinforced by an acrylic-coated galvanized steel doorstop channel.

Door Curtain - Fabricated on automatic, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure curtain is square and securely crimped together.

Door Handles - Fabricated from 12-gauge galvanized steel. One handle is provided on doors up to 6 ft. wide and two handles are provided on doors over 6 ft. wide.

Door Mounting Brackets - For hanging the door. These are made of 12-gauge G90 galvanized coated steel, incorporating a 14-gauge G90 galvanized steel door bracket adapter that helps locate the spring concentrically around the axle. It also provides an additional bearing surface for the axle to ride on to prevent excessive axle wear. BETCO doors come standard with a tension adjuster that includes permanently lubricated radial bearings.

Door Size - Always specify the width first and the height second: For instance 8' 6" (2591 mm) wide by 7' 3" (2210 mm) high. Refer to Opening Size.

Doors Springs - Assist in raising and lowering the door easily. Designed, manufactured and calibrated to operate without adjustment and with maximized cycle life. Door springs come with a 10-year warranty on new door purchases.

Door Stiffener - Helps a door maintain rigidity. Made of anodized aluminum for resistance to weather and corrosion. Reinforced for added strength by a G90 galvanized 50ksi steel doorstop channel.

Door Stops - Prevents doors from rolling up beyond the desired height. Made of 12 gauge-galvanized steel to ensure a positive stop.

Door Stop Channel - Ensures a safe stop every time as it engages the head stop when the door curtain is raised.

Door Tracks - Heavy-duty 18-gauge G90 galvanized steel provides additional panel clearance when the door is being closed to prevent door curtain damage. Polyethylene edge wear guards are locked to both track edges to ensure protection against door wear and damage.

Exterior Lock - Keyed lock which can be operated on the exterior of the door. Extrusion fabricated aluminum or plastic shapes made by forcing a hot aluminum or plastic billets through a die in an extrusion press.

Headroom - A measurement from the top of the door opening upward to the lowest building obstruction on the inside of the header wall. Use this measurement for vertical clearance all the way back to the end of the horizontal track. (Commercial door application)

Latch Assembly - Sliding metal brackets that allow for locking of doors. Made of corrosive-resistant stainless steel that accommodates two shackled locks and will work industry alarm switches. Locks furnished by customer. Cylinder latches are optional.

Polyethylene Edge Wear Guards - Protect against door wear and misalignment. These are locked to both track edges, which adds protection.

Poly-felt Strips - 100% polyester felt strips are applied to the backside of door curtains to protect the painted surface from damage and aid in a smooth operation.

Rough Opening – The measurement of the actual opening that the door is covering. Width measurement should be from the inside to the inside of jambs and height measurement should be from the bottom of the header to the floor.

Rubber Seal - Bulb-type seal retains its shape and sealing ability indefinitely down to -10 degrees F

Shutter Doors - Another word for roll up door curtains.

Tension Adjuster -Standard equipment on all roll up doors, includes permanently lubricated radial bearings. Allows for tension to be adjusted easily with included tension adjuster bar.