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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for roll up doors?

Manufacturing time is 5 business days plus 1-5 days shipping time depending on your location.

Does delivery of roll up doors include off-loading service?

Standard delivery does not include off-loading the door. You will need to have a way to unload the door off of the truck either by hand or forklift. If needed, you can request for off-load service to be added to shipping.

What is the return/refund policy?

Since all roll up doors are custom manufactured for each order, there are no returns or refunds issued for our products. Please make sure you have correct measurements before ordering. If a mistake is made on our part, BETCO will take care of the issue by replacing the door.

Is pick-up available?

Anyone wishing to pick up their order may do so at our Statesville, NC manufacturing facility.

What warranties are offered on the roll up doors?

We offer a 3-year mechanical warranty, a 10-year spring warranty, and a 40-year paint warranty on all of our roll up doors.

How much headroom clearance is needed to install the roll up door?

16” clearance is needed above the header opening to install the door.

How much side room clearance is needed to mount the roll up door?

You will need ½” on each side to mount the track. You will also need at least 5” past the opening for the door axle.

Can the tension be adjusted on the door?

Yes, adjusting the tension is very easy. Each roll up door comes with a tension adjuster bar. You can adjust the tension without removing any parts. If you need assistance, please refer to the door installation manual.

Are the roll up doors wind-rated?

No. Our doors are engineered up to a certain wind rating but are not certified as wind-rated.

Do you offer insulated doors?

No, insulation is not available on our doors.

How do I know what size door to order?

You will need to measure the width and height of the rough opening where your door is going to be installed. Please refer to the door measuring tool for additional assistance.

Do you sell in large volumes?

Yes, please call 1-844-240-8831 to discuss pricing for these types of orders.